While I try to only write a meaningful content, in retrospection some entries are more meaningful than others. And some entries requires other to be fully understood. Reading the entries in this orderwill more easily let you understand what I go through, and what do other entries refer to.

First Part: Lost in the Woods

  1. I scare women
  2. Nothing Fundamental has Changed
  3. Am I in love? (and the conclusion: so, am I in love?)
  4. Love as a mean
  5. I observe that I believe in love
  6. Living at the edge
  7. Alpha-Beta Male
  8. When she sais No, meaning Yes. (which also includes a long discussion in the comment section related to the I scare women entry above)
  9. Her script, my rationality
  10. Rising Father
  11. Then I was hit by the light
  12. My Onanistic Sabbath
  13. Taking it like a man

Second Part: At the foot of the Mountain

  1. Silence, Pain and Concentration
  2. Chemically Induced Happiness

Becoming a Womanizer

  1. News from the Jail:Becoming a Womanizer
  2. Becoming a Womanizer as a Way to Intimacy
  3. Waiting for the global warming
  4. The Ill King
  5. The Personality Disorder Test
  6. Womanizing: the Skill and the Sight new